My Why

The best relationships for the best professionals. #Recognition

The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. My purpose in leading Social Dental is to help the best professionals enjoy the most rewarding relationships.

As the son of a self-made dentist, I saw firsthand the sacrifices my parents made getting my dad through school and building a successful dental practice. Back then, the most respected professionals considered self-promotion distasteful. Advertising was confined to the Yellow Pages: the assumption being that the best practice had the biggest ad. Patient referrals happened organically, neighbor to neighbor and person to person. The friends and family members of the best patients naturally went to the best providers.

Somehow, self-promotion became the norm and the biggest, most expensive ads won. Social Media has the power to return the professional landscape to a level playing field. My purpose in founding Social Dental is to return the best professionals to the top of the conversation, where they've always deserved to be. And to reward them with the best client and patient relationships in the process.

My Dream Team

"If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life,
I strongly encourage you to invite someone to join you." Simon Sinek
  • Tom Clark Founder / CEO
  • Steve Miller Co-Founder
  • Brandon Andra Co-Founder / VP of Sales
  • Paul Jones VP of Operations
  • Dustin Snyder Director of Finance
  • Mimi McDonald Director of Education & Events
  • Derek Pearson Director of Business Development
  • Clay Jacobsen Director of Inside Sales
  • Gavin Gunther Creative Director

Our Best Coaches are in your corner

We've handpicked the most knowledgeable, likable social media marketing experts to help coach your way to the top.

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